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2016 Why it's wrong to hate this man Few drivers have polarised opinion so much as Lewis Hamilton. But does he really deserve the hatred that's directed at him?

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You ask the questions

Nico Hulkenberg gets a grilling from our readers on his Question of Sport appearance, and guilty pleasures

K-mag: a new dawn

Handed a lifeline by Renault after a year on the sidelines, Kevin Magnussen is out to maximise every opportunity

Countdown to Baku

F1 Racing joins Fernando Alonso on a trip to the land of fire, ahead of the inaugural grand prix at the Baku City Circuit

Backroom boys and girls

We go behind the scenes at Brackley and Brixworth, to meet the unsung heroes behind the Mercedes success story

Mr Monaco

Local boy Nico Rosberg talks us through what it means to him to be a three-time winner at his home grand prix

The great safety debate

The sport has committed to increased cockpit protection from 2017... but are halos or canopies the best solution?

Fast food, Grosjean style

Haas racer Romain discusses his racing career while showing off his culinary skills. Anyone for Toblerone souffle?

Go figure

The stats behind F1 circuits, past and present

The history of F1: part 6

The sport enters the 1970s, and as Ford power is made available to all, an era of frantic technical innovation ensues